MDCT introduction

      MDCT's patented multi-lens image fusion algorithm can be applied in the military field, telemetry field, medical application field, and digital imaging field. Digital imaging can be roughly divided into visually presented photos, videos or icons.

       Integrate the technological achievements and well-known experts in the industry from Chung Yuan Christian University-Department of Image Processing & Medical Engineering,

        Focusing on the early treatment of life and health, focusing on the R&D, production, sales and service of endoscopic diagnostic products, committed to providing medical diagnosis, an integrated solution that is convenient, accurate, efficient, and high-end wisdom. This product can assist doctors in diagnosis Increase the probability of diagnosis, and reduce the time and pain of testing for patients. Create a new medical image of "Precision Medical Endoscope Assist System".

        The main market is medical endoscopy technology services. Technical description: Add multiple lenses (white light & NBI) through image fusion technology to produce a new type of endoscope that can increase the sensitivity to 95%.

The left picture is white light, the middle is nbi, and the right is the fused image, which has the characteristics of white light and blood vessel characteristics.

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