Technological breakthrough

    Endoscopy is an important way to control digestive tract diseases and improve survival rate, and realize early detection and early treatment. In the face of digestive tract diseases that are prone to attack, this product can assist doctors in diagnosis and increase the probability of diagnosis, and reduce the time for patients to check. And pain. It can create a new medical image of "Precision Medical Endoscope Assist System". Technical description: Combining multi-lens (white light & NBI) and image fusion technology to produce a new type of endoscope, through cloud database and AI-assisted calculation, the sensitivity can be increased to 95%. The endoscope also uses a patented multi-lens image fusion algorithm, and AI recognition can help doctors achieve a high degree of correctness judgment.

Gain favor

Has been selected as one of the Hello Tomorrow Deep Tech Pioneers!

MDCT has been selected to participate in the Hello Tomorrow Challenge and attend the Deep Tech Days, a series of events under the High Patronage of Mr Emmanuel MACRON.


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